Leak : Nokia 225 4G Specs and Price 2024

Renowned tipster Steve H. McFly (@OnLeaks) shared the renders and specs of the Nokia 225 4G 2024 model with Android Headlines. According to leaked renders, the phone has the Nokia and HMD logos on the back and is colored pink and greenish blue. It appears to have a flashlight and a single camera sensor on the back.

According to reports, Nokia is getting ready to update the Nokia 225 4G. Renders and some specifications of the 2024 edition of the feature phone have surfaced online before of any formal announcement. For the Nokia 225, two color options are suggested by the renders. It is rumored to include HMD’s proprietary S30+ OS and a USB Type-C connection. It had 128MB of storage and 64MB of RAM. It is anticipated that the forthcoming Nokia 225 4G 2024 edition will be the same as the 2020 model.

According to reports, the new Nokia 225 4G 2024 will have a 2.4-inch display with a number pad and run the S30+ operating system. On the back, it can have a 3-megapixel or VGA camera. It is reported to have 64MB of RAM and 128MB of storage. There could be a 1,450mAh battery that powers the phone. Compared to the 1,150mAh battery of the Nokia 225 4G 2020 model, this would be a minor gain.

A USB Type-C port is anticipated to be included with the Nokia 225 4G 2024. There may also be a 3.5mm headphone jack included. The new model is probably going to look a lot like the 2020 model, except from having a USB Type-C port and a larger battery.
The estimated pricing of the Nokia 225 4G 2024 is approximately EUR 100. Later this month, it is anticipated to become official in areas such as Europe and Africa. There may not be a US release for it.

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