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In Brazil, a doctor doing a shoulder arthroscopy used Apple Vision Pro to help.

Bruno Gobbato, a physician, carried out the shoulder arthroscopy procedure at Jaraguá Hospital in Brazil. Gobbato spoke with MacMagazine about his experience using Apple Vision Pro to help him treat a patient who had a rotator cuff rupture, an injury that is sometimes brought on by gradual deterioration of the tendon over time.
Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is carried out by surgeons who gaze straight at a screen while using a camera inside the joint. The doctor stated, “I was able to see the patient’s exams and 3D models in real time with this device, as well as the image on the size of a movie screen with high resolution.”

Gobbato gave the Apple Vision Pro’s cameras’ dynamic range high marks. He says that one of the issues with wearing headsets during surgery is that everything surrounding the spotlight can get too dark because operating rooms employ powerful lights to illuminate the precise area that needs to be operated on.
Apple provided information last month about the usage of the Vision Pro app in conjunction with robotic knee and hip surgery. After using Vision Pro during spinal surgery, a British neurosurgeon called it “a game-changer.”

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