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How to Purchase Tickets for Delhi Metro via WhatsApp

A WhatsApp-based ticketing system has been launched by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) that enables computers to buy tickets online from any location within a WhatsApp chat. The new ticketing service via WhatsApp, according to DMRC, intends to streamline the process of making metro tickets available to travelers. This simple method of obtaining tickets is evidence of DMRC’s dedication to continuously enhancing the metro experience for its customers.

Steps :

1- Add 9650855800, the official DMRC WhatsApp number, to your phone’s contact list.
2- Open WhatsApp, select your favorite language, and send a “Hello” message to the just added contact number.

2- From the menu, choose the appropriate choice, such as “Retrieve Ticket,” “Last Journey Tickets,” or “Buy Ticket.”
3- Indicate the stations of origin and destination for your trip.
4- Decide how many tickets you would like to buy.
5- Verify your selections and use the integrated gateway to safely make a payment using a credit card, debit card, or UPI.
6- You will receive a QR code ticket straight in the WhatsApp chat when your payment is completed.

7- Use the QR code at AFC gates for both entry and exit.

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