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How to Use Android Camera as a Webcam on Windows 11

Microsoft’s Phone Link program allows you to use the front or rear camera on your Android phone as a webcam on your Windows 11 PC.

How to Set Up Windows 11 to Use the Webcam on Your Android Device

In order to utilize your Android phone as a camera, you must first set up the Phone Link app on your Windows 11 PC and link it to the phone ( open Microsoft store and type Phone Link to download ) . Once you’ve done that, take the following actions to enable Windows 11 to use the webcam on your Android phone wirelessly:

1- To access the Settings app, press Win + I.
2- Navigate to Mobile devices under Bluetooth & devices.
3- Press the “Manage devices” button.
4- Under the My devices section, enable the toggle next to Use as a connected camera

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam on Windows 11

By launching the Settings app and going to Bluetooth & devices > Camera > Windows Virtual Camera, you may test the camera output in Windows.

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