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How to Change Reddit Username

You are unable to modify your username if you registered using your email address or a username and password. It’s also crucial to remember that a username cannot be used again once it has been used for another account. The old username is still unusable even if you delete the old account.

There are just two methods available to you if you truly want to modify your username. You have 30 days to finalize your username if you signed up with Apple or Google. But, you will have to make a new account with a new username if you signed up using a different method or if the time limit to change your name has passed.

To accomplish this, sign in to your Reddit account using your Google or Apple credentials, click the drop-down menu next to your profile avatar in the upper-right corner, and choose Settings. If you are able to alter your username, the window should then display.

To modify your designated username, adhere to following instructions:

1- Click the Change Username button in the pop-up window.
2- After selecting a legitimate username, press the “Continue” button.

3- In the confirmation window, select Save Username. You will receive a permanent username as a result.

Change name with new account :

The procedures for configuring a Reddit username while making a new account are as follows:

1- Go to the Reddit sign-up page, where you can either enter or leave your email address empty. Next, choose Proceed.
2- Put in a distinct password and username.

3- Click on the Sign Up button.

How to Change Your Reddit Display Name :

To configure a display name, do the following actions:

1- Click the dropdown menu for the profile avatar in the upper-right corner.
2- Navigate to Settings, then click the Profile option on the resulting page.
3- There will be a setting for your Display name. After entering the display name you like, click to switch tabs. This will keep the modifications safe.

Unlike Reddit usernames, you are always able to modify your display name.

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