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How to Record a Screen on an Android Device 2024

It’s simple to use the built-in screen recorder on Android. Furthermore, as it is the same on all Android devices, it won’t matter which smartphone brand you are using. As the integrated screen recorder was launched with Android 11, all you need to ensure is that your smartphone is running Android 11 or higher.

1- Swiping down twice from the home screen of your Android device will bring up the Quick Settings panel.
2- Find the Screen recording tile from this panel and tap on it from here. The device you’re using will determine a slightly different name for this option.

3- A short countdown will then begin, and the recording will begin. The length of the recording is displayed in the upper status bar as a pill-shaped icon.

4- In the event that the screen recorder tile is not visible, move it to the front by selecting the edit mode in the Quick Settings panel. This procedure is illustrated in this GIF.

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