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How to Make an iPhone Photo Slideshow

The slideshow tool, which is accessible through the Photos app, lets you quickly organize your photos and display them in a polished, expert way without requiring any further software.

An excellent method to present your memories in a dynamic and eye-catching style is by making an iPhone photo slideshow. A slideshow can make your story come to life, whether you’re showcasing your artistic accomplishments, reminiscing a recent holiday, or commemorating a family occasion.

1- Get the Photos app open.
2- To make an album into a slideshow, navigate to the Albums view and tap the appropriate album. As an alternative, select Select from the Library view and tap the images you wish to use in your presentation.
3- From the dropdown menu, choose Slideshow by tapping the More button (three dots).

4- To change the theme, music, and speed of the slideshow, tap the screen and select Options.
5- To stream your slideshow to a smart TV or nearby Apple device, hit the AirPlay symbol in the upper-right corner and choose your device of choice.
6- Tap the screen and choose Done to put the slideshow to an end.

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