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How to Disable , Delete and Hide Comments on Facebook Post

Comments on social media may become extremely negative, particularly if the wrong people see your messages. Facebook does not allow users to disable comments, unlike Instagram does. On your standard Facebook posts, it’s more difficult to disable comments than on your Facebook Group postings. You’ll need to adjust your post comment settings somewhat for that.

How to turn off the comments on a specific Facebook post of yours :

1- Click  on your profile icon

2- Next, choose the name of your Facebook profile. To see all of your posts, scroll down here. To hide comments on a post, select the three dots menu.

3- Choose “Who can leave a comment on your post?” and then click or tap the Pages and Profiles you specify.
4- Lastly, simply press or click the “Done” button to finish.

Disable Facebook Comments for Posts in Your Groups :

To disable comments on a Facebook group post, hit the three dots menu that appears and choose Turn off commenting.

How to Hide or Delete Comments on Your Facebook Posts :

If you are using the mobile app, simply locate the comment on your post, long-press it. You can choose to hide or remove the comment from this page. All you have to do is click on the desired choice.

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