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Guide : How to Factory Reset Wear OS Smartwatch

Need a clean slate for your Wear OS smartwatch (from Samsung or Google)? Even though Wear OS has grown significantly, resetting it is still straightforward. This guide will show you how to wipe your smartwatch and start fresh!

Resetting a Pixel Watch or other Wear OS watches For Android users, Wear OS should feel familiar, as it shares many UI traits with Android, including the settings options, making navigation easier. Here’s how to locate the Reset option on your Wear OS smartwatch:

1- Navigate to and open the Settings app from the apps menu. Alternatively, you can access Settings via the cogwheel icon on your watch’s Quick settings screen.

2- Scroll down within the Settings app and select ‘System.

3- Next, choose ‘Disconnect and reset’ from the System settings screen.

4- Then, tap the checkmark button to initiate the reset process.

5- Your smartwatch will soon be prepared to pair with a new Android phone.

Resetting a Samsung Galaxy Watch Samsung’s One UI Watch differs slightly from the standard version of Wear OS, so the option to reset Galaxy Watches is found in a different location. Here’s how to proceed:

1- Swipe down on the watch face to open Quick Settings, then tap the cogwheel icon to access the Settings app.

2- Scroll down and choose ‘General‘ in the Settings app.

3- Locate and tap on the ‘Reset‘ option.

4- Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Reset‘ again. To confirm the action, tap on the checkmark icon.”

Resetting a Wear OS Watch from Your Phone Google and Samsung provide dedicated apps for managing various aspects of your smartwatch from your phone. The Pixel Watch app from Google and the Galaxy Wearable app from Samsung allow you to control your watch’s settings and perform resets directly from your phone.

Using the Pixel Watch App:

1- Open the Pixel Watch app on your Android phone.

2- Navigate to System > Disconnect and reset watch.

3- A confirmation popup will appear on the screen. Tap ‘Reset‘ to confirm

Using the Galaxy Wearable App:

1- Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.

2- Navigate to Watch Settings > General.

3- Tap the Reset button, then confirm by tapping Reset on the following screen.

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