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How to Use Discord’s Spoiler

Talking with others who share your interests can be done quite effectively using Discord. But it’s not ideal to give away the plot of a game, show, or book to a big group of individuals on a single server. Thankfully, spoiler-tagged messages and photographs can be hidden from view in Discord.

How to Include a Spoiler in a Discord Message :

1- Using the /spoiler command on Discord is the simplest way to add a spoiler tag. The desktop and mobile apps are both compatible with this command. To write a message, type your message in the text field after adding /spoiler.

2- Your message will have a dark box over it when you post it. To view the text, users must click on this notice.

How to Mark a Section of a Discord Message with a Spoiler Tag :

All you have to do is surround the text you wish to mark as a spoiler with two vertical bars (||). This is helpful if you unintentionally said a spoiler without adding the tag because it also functions when revising a message.

When the text is highlighted in gray between the double vertical bars, the symbols are functioning properly.
Alternatively, you can utilize Discord’s dedicated spoiler button. This button, which resembles an eye icon, pops up when you highlight text in a message. The selected text will have vertical bars added on either side of it when you click the button.

You should only utilize this button while using the desktop app as it doesn’t seem to show up on the mobile version.

How to Use Discord to Add a Spoiler Warning to Images :

On your PC or the internet, use Discord to add a spoiler alert to an image:

1- Select Upload a File by using the + sign adjacent to the chat window.

2- Select the picture you want to transmit from the file explorer, then click Open.
3- To designate an image as a spoiler, click the eye icon before transmitting it as normal. Additionally, you can alter the image by clicking the pencil symbol, adding a spoiler tag, and then clicking Save.

Using your phone, you may use Discord to add a spoiler tag on an image:

1- Tap the + sign, then choose an image from your collection.

2- More options can be seen by tapping on the chosen image .
3- Select the Mark as spoiler checkbox, then transmit the picture by swiping down or pressing the back button.

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