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How to Prevent Screenshots in WhatsApp

Have you ever sent a private message to someone on WhatsApp that you intended for them to view just once? Although WhatsApp can’t stop screenshots entirely, it does have a feature called “view once” that lets users only view transmitted material once. Better still, view-once material cannot be screenshotted, which makes it an excellent method for blocking screenshots in WhatsApp.

How to Send a View Once Photo or Video on WhatsApp to Prevent Screenshots :

For photographs, videos, and music, WhatsApp has a see once function that renders the message unreadable once it has been viewed once. Furthermore, the other individual is unable to download the shared material to their phone or take a screenshot of it. Regretfully, view-once cannot be used to send a single text message.

1- Open a conversation window on WhatsApp.
2- Press the Plus symbol > Photos.

3- Choose the image or video that you want to share.
4- To activate view once mode, next to the Add a caption text area, press the Circular “1” icon.

5- Tap the Send button.

It will be forbidden for the message’s recipient to take screenshots of such communications. They are unable to even use a third-party program to record the screen. The warning messages that will show up in relation to the shared content are listed below:

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