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How to Create a Photo Collage on iPhone

One excellent technique to display several images in a single image file is to create a photo collage. Regretfully, there isn’t a collage maker available in the Photos app on Apple. However, you may make a collage on your iPhone with a third-party app or a shortcut.

Using an iPhone Shortcut to Make a Collage :

If you can’t find Shortcuts on your iPhone, first download it from the App Store. Then, to obtain the shortcut, take these actions:

1- Navigate to the Gallery tab in the Shortcuts app.

2- Find “Photo Grid” using a search, then press the top result.

3- To install it on your iPhone, tap Add Shortcut.

Now that you know the shortcut, you may use your iPhone to create collages:

1- To launch the newly added Photo Grid shortcut, navigate to the app’s Shortcuts tab and press it.

2- On your iPhone, select the pictures you wish to collage, then hit Add.

3- After a brief wait, a preview of the collage will appear on your iPhone.
4- Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, press Image at the top to choose where you want to save the picture.

Use the Layout App on Instagram to Create a Collage :

1- Simply open the Layout app after downloading it from the App Store

2- Pick the images to include in the collage, and select the composite layout that you like most.

Note : To rearrange a picture, drag it about the arrangement after tapping to choose it in the collage. Each box can also be flipped, mirrored, and its size changed. After selecting Save > Done, locate your newly created collage in the Photos app.

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