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Using the Mac screen in the Apple Vision Pro

Additionally, if you’d like, you may mount the Mac screen on the ceiling or blow it up to any size you choose. The drawback is that you are unable to run several Mac screens at this time. So, you’re a little out of luck there if you have two displays.
Both a MacBook and a Mac desktop can be used with this capability, albeit the procedure varies slightly for each. This is the way to get going.

Verify your configuration

Make sure your Mac and Vision Pro are both signed in with the same Apple ID before continuing. It is also required that your Mac is running at least macOS Sonoma. Ideally, you should confirm that the most recent version of visionOS is likewise installed on your Vision Pro. Both devices must have their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on, and none of them may share an internet connection.

Additionally, you should make sure that iCloud Keychain is enabled on both devices. Here’s how to do it:

1- On both devices, navigate to Settings.
2- After tapping your name, choose iCloud.
3- Select the option to Sync this Mac or Sync this Apple Vision Pro after selecting Passwords & Keychain.

Utilizing the Mac display

If you own a MacBook, it might be sufficient to wear your Vision Pro while merely observing its display. Above the MacBook, there should be a pill-shaped button labeled “Connect.” After tapping it, you can proceed.

Should that prove ineffective, or if you own a desktop Mac, you will need to undertake a few additional actions.

1- Wearing the Vision Pro, open the Control Center. Look up to do this. There need to be a tiny arrow going downward. Press it. The second icon from the right is the Control Center icon.

2- Select the icon that seems like a laptop next to the Vision Pro goggles from the bottom row of icons. Third from the left is where it will be.
3- Choose your Mac device from the list.
The only restriction is that you must be physically present within 30 feet of your Mac in order to position the screen anywhere in your room after it is connected. You can choose to fully immerse yourself in one of the Vision Pro’s immersive environments by rotating the digital crown. By default, your screen will be displayed in your physical surroundings. (To switch between environments, press and hold the digital crown to display the Home view.)

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