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How to Remove Reposts Videos from TikTok

TikTok users can accidentally repost embarrassing videos, which can be embarrassing for followers. To remove a repost, go to your posted videos and find the Repost tab. Reposted videos are not visible on your profile feed but can be found in the Repost tab, which will only appear after you have reposted at least one video. Go to Profile on the bottom right of the screen and find the Repost tab in the middle, below your profile photo.

Click on it to view a selection of the videos you’ve reposted.

hit a video, then hit the Share symbol to remove it. A pop-up menu with Remove Repost on the left will appear. If you tap that, the video is taken down as a repost.

If the Repost tab is not visible to you for any reason. Navigate to your profile, select Settings & Privacy > Activity Center > Watch History by clicking the three lines at the top. You can view the videos you’ve viewed there. To check if you reposted a video or not, you can click the share option after selecting the video you believe you may have shared. If it says Undo Repost, it indicates you did not repost it.

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