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How to get Windows Home Edition upgrade to Pro

Initially, you will require a Windows 10/11 Pro product key.

Or you can purchase an upgrade straight from Microsoft for $99 if you’d rather not use the product key at all. But be aware that this license is specific to the computer you are upgrading on and cannot be moved to another device.

Firstly: How to upgrade a new PC

1. Go to Settings

Settings > System > Activation (on Windows 10, go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation)

2- Put in the Pro product key.

To enlarge the area labeled “Upgrade your edition of Windows,” click the arrow to the right of it. Seek for your Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro product key, select the Change Product Key option, and input the 25-character code there.

3- Carry out the update
To complete the upgrade, input the product key and follow the instructions.

Your system will restart after a series of progress screens appear. Following the upgrade’s completion, a Success signal ought to appear. Re-enter Settings > System > Activation to verify that Windows 11 Pro is currently installed on your system.

Secondly: How to reinstall a clean copy of Windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro

1- Utilize a bootable USB flash drive to begin.

On a computer that already has a digital license for Windows 10/11 Pro, you must boot from a USB flash drive that holds the Windows setup files in order to install a clean copy of Windows. Select I don’t have a product key when you see that opportunity to enter a product key.

2- Select the Pro edition to install.

Make sure you select Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro as the installation edition when requested. Selecting Windows Pro for Workstations and any other choice whose name ends in the letter N are not recommended.
After the installation is finished, follow all the instructions to log in to the newly installed operating system for the first time by going through the Out of Box Experience.

3- Verify the status of activation.

Once everything is set up, log in and go to Settings > System > Activation to see the status of activation.

Third : Ways to get the Pro edition upgrade back after reinstalling

1- Navigate to the Settings page for Activation.

To activate a Windows 11 computer, navigate to Settings > System > Activation. (In Windows 10, go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation to get this option.) If required, expand the “Upgrade your edition of Windows” section and select the “Change Product Key” option.

2- Put in the generic product key for Windows Pro.

Enter the following  product key:


Note: There is no magic in that generic product key. In the event that your hardware lacks a Pro license, an activation error will appear, requiring you to either pay for an upgrade or provide the correct product key.

3- To finish the upgrade, adhere to the instructions.

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