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How to Make AI Snaps on Snapchat

How to Use My AI Snaps to Make Snaps
After a quick explanation of the feature’s functionality, make your own AI Snap by following these instructions.

1- If you haven’t already, launch the Snapchat app and select the camera tab.
2- In this case, tap the AI icon located in the viewfinder’s right side.

3- This action will direct you to the AI Snaps page, where you can select from pre-provided prompts or type your own in the text box at the bottom to generate an image

4- Please wait while the AI generates the image. The duration may vary depending on the complexity of the prompt.

5- Once the image is created, select ‘Next‘ if you’re content with it and want to share it.

6- You can then make adjustments, apply filters or effects, and finally, tap the ‘Send To’ button located at the bottom right corner.

7- You can edit the output by tapping on the prompt box if you’re not happy with it. After that, to make a new image, hit the send icon.

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