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How To Create Custom Stickers in Telegram

Telegram’s built-in Sticker Editor tool has made the process of designing a custom sticker much simpler, even though users can still upload their own sticker packs to the program.
In addition to editing features like text addition, exposure adjustment, pre-made sticker addition, and image sketching, the free tool lets you cut out things from your photos to make stickers.

Steps :

1- Get the newest version of the Telegram app .
2- To access the Stickers tab, initiate a chat, touch on the emoji icon located to the left of the chat box. To add a new sticker, click the plus symbol. If you haven’t already, you may need to authorize Telegram access to your gallery and camera.
3- After that, you can choose a picture from your camera roll.
4- The image will load in Telegram. Wait for the Cut Out an Object window to appear if you wish to cut out the object to create a sticker. After choosing this option, press the item you wish to remove.

5- After that, Telegram will set the item on a clear backdrop. Using the available tabs, you can add text, add an outline, and make other adjustments from this point on.

When your sticker is prepared, press the checkmark symbol. After that, you can store the sticker to a sticker set or send it.

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