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How to Watch YouTube Videos Frame by Frame

To ensure you don’t miss anything, you can choose to watch a film on YouTube frame by frame and examine every feature of your preferred movie trailer.

1- Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Play Video Frame by Frame

utilizing a few keyboard commands while viewing the YouTube video

  • You can accomplish this by starting and pausing a YouTube video.
  • Press the “.” or right arrow key to advance the movie frame by frame.
  • To view the video in reverse, press the”,” or left arrow key.

2- Use Google Chrome Extension

Installing the same-named browser extension is another option to see videos frame-by-frame.

  • Here, select Add to Chrome. Then, select Add extension from the browser pop-up menu.
  • Launch the YouTube video .
  • Move the pointer over the video player on YouTube. If a border with a little transparent info box appears around the video, you may tell the extension is functioning properly.
  • Now, to move ahead or backward one frame, hit the right or left arrow keys, respectively.

3-Decelerate Video by Lowering the Playback Velocity

You can choose to run it at 0.25x, which is one-fourth of the original framerate. For example, if a video is playing at 30 frames per second (FPS), it will play at 7.5 frames per second if its playback is slowed to 0.25 times.

  • In the YouTube player, click the gear icon located at the bottom right corner.
  • Select the Playback speed choice here.
  • Next, choose the 0.25 option.

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