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How to Turn an iPad Off by Force

It’s a good idea to restart your iPad in case something isn’t working properly. Rebooting it briefly helps to maximize performance and refresh its RAM. However, occasionally, your iPad acts strangely and refuses to work. Under such conditions, you would need to force restart it.
The appearance of force restarting varies depending on the model’s home button. If your iPad is an iPad Pro from 2017 or earlier, an iPad Air, iPad Mini, or a regular iPad from 2019 or earlier, it will feature a home button.

How to Use the Home Button to Force Restart an iPad

  • Simultaneously press and hold the home and top buttons.
  • When you see the Apple logo show on your display, release both buttons.

How to Force Shut Down an iPad in the Absence of a Home Button

  • The volume button nearest to the top button should be pressed first, then swiftly released.
  • The second volume button, or the one that is furthest from the top button, should then be quickly pressed and released.
  • Then, push and hold the button on top.
  • When you see the Apple logo, release the top button.

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