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Guide : How to Move Playlists from Spotify to YouTube Music

With TuneMyMusic, playlists may be moved between platforms. It facilitates music transfers between practically all well-known music streaming apps in addition to Spotify and YouTube. Please be aware that this tool can only be used to transfer up to 500 tracks while using a free account.

Steps :

1- Visit the TuneMyMusic website and select Let’s start to get started.
2- Choose Spotify as the source platform here.

3- You’ll be prompted to enter your Spotify credentials in a new browser window.
4- To grant TuneMyMusic access to your Spotify content, including playlists, albums, and more, click the Agree button.

5- You can select to load playlists from your account or by utilizing the link of a playlist once you have authorized your Spotify account. To make things easier to use, select Load from Spotify account.

6- Choose the playlists you wish to move now. Keep in mind that you can only move 500 songs from playlists to a free account. After making your playlist selections, select your destination by clicking on Choose Destination.

7- After that, the platform will prompt you to choose a location. Choose YouTube Music here.

8- It is now necessary for you to log into your Google account. After finishing, select Allow to allow TuneMyMusic to access your YouTube account.

9- At this point, you can select Start Transfer to begin transferring your Spotify playlists to YouTube Music.

10- The transfer will now be started by TuneMyMusic. This could be a lengthy procedure. The message “Transfer completed” will appear on the screen after the procedure is finished.

Using Open Source Script to Move Spotify Playlists to YouTube Music :

1- To install Python, first download the installer from the official website, then double-click it. To install Python on Windows, you can alternatively run the following command in the terminal.

choco install python

2- After installation, run the following command to install the Spotify2ytmusic app with Pip.

pip install spotify2ytmusic

3- Now that the program is launched, you can use this command to open it:


4- Now, a new window should open with the app. Select the Spotify backup tab at the top of this screen.

5- You’ll be prompted to allow the app access to your Spotify data in a new browser window. Enter your Spotify login information here, then select Agree.

6- The app ought to begin backing up all of your playlists after it’s finished.

7- Then, return to the terminal and input the subsequent command:

ytmusicapi oauth

8- You’ll be prompted to confirm the code in a new browser window that opens. In order to grant access to your YouTube data, choose your Google account here. After permission is given, exit the browser and go back to the Terminal.

9- Your working directory should have the “oauth.json” file once you hit the Enter key in the Terminal. Don’t give this to anyone else.

10- Return to the app and select Copy.

11- YouTube Music will copy your Spotify playlists. Remain calm and settle in.
12- Select the Copy a specific playlist tab at the top if you wish to move a certain playlist.

13- Go to your Spotify playlist and copy the link to it if you want to duplicate each playlist separately.

14- Copy the playlist ID and paste the URL anywhere. The highlighted text that appears after “../playlist/” in the screenshot below is it.

15- Copy the playlist ID after pasting it into the Spotify playlist ID text field. That is all.

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