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How to Remove Subscription From all YouTube Channel

You can make sure you get all of a creator’s updates by subscribing to their YouTube channel if you enjoy their work. Each time the channel posts a new video, you are notified. If you subscribe to a lot of channels, your list of subscriptions might become out of control and destroy your YouTube feed over time. You are always free to stop receiving such. But what if you want to unfollow every YouTube channel you now follow in order to start over? Despite the lack of an option to unsubscribe from all accounts on YouTube, there are a few solutions you may attempt.

Without requiring you to remove your YouTube account, we’ll lead you through the process of unsubscribing from every YouTube channel so you can start over with a fresh subscription list.
Making Use of an Extension (Automa) :
1- Navigate to the Automa Chrome Web Store extension page.
2- Select Add to (name of browser).

3- Click the “Add extension” button.
4- Now navigate to Automa’s YouTube bulk unsubscribe procedure page.
5- On the bottom left, select the “Add to Extension” button.

6- To confirm, choose OK from the pop-up.
7- You will be taken to the Automa workflows page as a result. Click the Execute (play) icon located in the upper-right corner.

Using an Inspect Script :

1- Open your web browser, get into your YouTube account, and choose Subscriptions.
2- From the top-right corner, select Manage.

3- Select Inspect with a right-click on a blank space on the page.

4-From the top menu, select the Console tab, then scroll to the bottom of the tab.

5- Copy and paste the code shown below, then press Enter.

* YouTube bulk unsubscribe fn.

* Wrapping this in an IIFE for browser compatibility.


(async function iife() {

// This is the time delay after which the “unsubscribe” button is “clicked”; Change it as per your requirement



* Delay runner. Wraps `setTimeout` so it can be `await`ed on.

* @param {Function} fn

* @param {number} delay


var runAfterDelay = (fn, delay) => new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

setTimeout(() => {


}, delay)


// Get the channel list; this can be considered a row in the page.

var channels = Array.from(document.getElementsByTagName(`ytd-channel-renderer`))

console.log(`${channels.length} channels found.`)

var ctr = 0

for (const channel of channels) {

// Get the subscribe button and trigger a “click”

channel.querySelector(`[aria-label^=’Unsubscribe from’]`).click()

await runAfterDelay(() => {

// Get the dialog container…


// and find the confirm button…


console.log(`Unsubsribed ${ctr + 1}/${channels.length}`)




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