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How to Face Swap in a Photo by AI

Note: We do not support illegal or unethical face-swapping technology use. The goal of this tool lineup is to entertain and have fun.

1- Reface :

There’s a reason why Reface is the most popular AI-powered face swap app. In addition to offering a variety of films and GIFs to choose from, Reface’s user interface is simple to use and produces fast, high-quality results.
1- Browse the pictures and videos in the FaceSwap area, then pick your favorite.

2- Once you’ve chosen a face, tap the plus icon in the window that appears to take a picture or select one from your camera roll.

3- After that, press Swap Face.

Download: Reface for Android | iOS

2- Fotor Face Swap

You can upload your own image or select one from Fotor’s library within the editor. To choose a different picture, click the circled plus sign and choose Swap Face Now. The two faces will be blended by the AI, and the outcomes are fantastic.

Fotor Face Swap

3- Pica AI

Choose an image from Pica’s collection or submit a photo of your own. To upload the second face, click Add face. Then, click Generate to get a precisely blended result; this takes around 20 seconds. You can also perform a video face swap or swap numerous faces in a single image.

Pica AI

4- Vidnoz Photo Face Swap

Click Upload Photo in the first box, or select one of Vidnoz’s supplied photos. Press Swap Face Now after doing the same for the second picture. You’ll be gazing at a whole different visage in no time.

Vidnoz Photo Face Swap

5- FacePlay

You can browse through a plethora of images and animations in the Swap part of the homepage; some of them display what they might look like before and after. Once your favorite has been selected, click Free to Use, then snap a photo or pick one from your camera roll. Press Verify to let the AI work its magic.

Download:  Android | iOS

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