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How to View a Hidden Album in Google Photos

It’s simpler to keep all the memories in one location when you use Google Photos to create a shared album and ask your family members to add their photos. To clear out your library, you may have buried albums that you didn’t want to have a lot of. However, how can one view a secret Google Photos album? To find out how, refer to this tutorial.

Reasons of an Album Not Visible in Google Photos :

1- Deleted Album

2-Modified the Share Configuration

3Blocked Contact

4- Ownership Transition

5- Depart from Album

6- Accidentally Hiding an Album

How to Look for a Google Photos Hidden Album

1- On your phone, open the Google Photos app.
2- In the upper right corner, press and hold the Sharing icon.

3- All of the albums on your phone, even the hidden ones, will be visible.
4- Locate the album you want to listen to and tap on it.
5- Select the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner once it has opened.
6- Select “Show in Library.”

You can now view the Shared album in your Google Photos library.

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