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How to Use Snapchat on the Web

It’s handy to use Snapchat for Web, particularly if you need to take a break from your PC work to send Snaps, begin conversions, or browse Stories. It’s simple to initiate a discussion on your phone and carry it over to Snapchat Web.
Because there is more real estate on the larger screen, switching between conversations and Stories is easier and you don’t have to go through several screens to get what you’re looking for. Additionally, Snaps provide additional details that are difficult to notice on the screen of your phone. On occasion.

How to Send a Snap on Snapchat Web :

1- launch Snapchat on the web. Click the camera icon in the center of the screen after logging into your account.

2- Click on the desired filter from the list of options at the bottom. Next, press it one more to capture the Snap.

3- After that , Click “Send To” .

4- The Snap can be shared with friends, your Stories, or both. Click “Send” in the lower right corner after selecting.

How to Start a Chat on Snapchat Web :

Launch Snapchat Web, sign in with your credentials, and look for the buddy you wish to talk with in the sidebar on the left. After find them, click on their name to initiate a conversation.

How to Add People on Snapchat Web :

1- Go to Snapchat Web, sign into your account, and select the + symbol located in the upper right corner of the left sidebar in order to add users.

2- Look for the person you wish to add in the “Add Friends” window that pops up on the left. Click “Add” to send them a friend request when they show up in the search results.

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