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How to Earn PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

Your primary form of payment in Pokemon GO is PokeCoins. You can respond with these useful pennies to buy things, extra storage, or a GO pass. How to begin earning PokeCoins in Pokemon GO, however, may be a little unclear to new players.

First Method : Choose a Gym for Your Pokemon :

The greatest method for getting free PokeCoins in Pokemon GO is to enrol your animals in a gym. For those who don’t know, gyms are locations on the Pokemon GO map where players can combat opposing Pokemon. Pokemon GO gyms can be easily recognized by their dome-shaped structures, which come in a variety of colors and designs.

In Pokemon GO, you can designate a Pokemon to guard a gym based on the team you join. Pokemon that protect a certain gym earn a “Defender Bonus.” This implies that for every ten minutes your Pokemon spends guarding a gym, they will receive one PokeCoin. But keep in mind that using this strategy will only earn you a maximum of 50 PokeCoins per day.

Second Method Purchase PokeCoins :

There are no dependable ways to get free PokeCoins in Pokemon GO other than by battling Pokemon in gyms. But if you have a little extra cash, you can just buy PokeCoins from the in-game store.PokeCoins are available from Niantic for as little as 99 cents for 100.

PokeCoin AmountPrice
100 PokeCoins$0.99
550 PokeCoins$4.99
1200 PokeCoins$9.99
2500 PokeCoins$19.99
5200 PokeCoins$39.99
14500 PokeCoins$99.99

Third Method : Google Opinion Rewards :

This option is for individuals who can wait a little while, even if the first two are the most straightforward ways to obtain PokeCoins in Pokemon GO. You might select to download and take part in Google Opinion Rewards Surveys if you’re eager to receive free PokeCoins.

To use the app, simply download it, register, and let it run in the background. You will eventually be sent brief, randomized surveys to complete for Google Play Balance. In Pokemon GO, you can use the money you’ve earned to buy PokeCoins. But keep in mind that surveys aren’t always available, so you might have to wait.


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