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How to Select Multiple Files on a Mac

1- Choose one at a time.

If you want to pick a few different files out of a folder but not all of them, this is your best bet.
– Hold down the Cmd key while clicking on the desired files to select several ones.

You can choose as many files as you’d want to select as long as you have the Command button depressed. They will have blue highlights.

2- Drag and click.

One quick and easy technique to collect a large number of files is to click on an empty space and drag. As you drag, a box will be created that you can adjust in size. To choose the desired files, simply drag and drop them over the object.

3- Select all on Mac

The easiest approach to swiftly select every file inFinder or on your desktop is to just press Cmd + A. This will choose every item in that area.

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