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How to Send HD Photo in Facebook Messenger 2024

Instant chat apps have never been the best for sending photos and videos. The majority of the time, you may discover that those photographs wind up being severely compressed—many of these programs were released during a period when not everyone had access to high-speed Internet. HD pictures are now being introduced to talks on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has made it official that sharing and receiving high-definition photos will be made easier with future updates.
You can now choose to send an HD image by toggling the option anytime you send someone a picture. If this toggle is turned on, the image will be sent at a much higher quality because it will be compressed much less.
Until recently, sending an image at “full-resolution” required sending it as a file, just like you would send a PDF file.
Although it’s unclear if the HD setting indicates the original resolution in its entirety or just a little bit less, it’s still an improvement.

Note : Update your app to take use of all these new features. These features may not appear on your device for a few days or weeks.

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