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Guide : How to Unlock iPad Without Passcode

Sometimes you can forget the passcode to your iPad and forget to set up Touch ID or FaceID. You’re probably wondering how to unlock your iPad now that you don’t have the passcode. Or perhaps you’ve purchased a locked used iPad. In these situations, in order to access your iPad, you must get past the passcode. Although a number of third-party programs and solutions are available, there are other ways to unlock an iPad that is disabled. We’ll walk you through four methods in this post for unlocking an iPad without a passcode. Let’s get started right now.

1- Using a Windows or Mac

An iPad that has been disabled can be unlocked using either a Mac or a Windows PC. You must restore your iPad in recovery mode in order to use this procedure.

Make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes installed on your Windows computer or that your Mac is up to date before you start.

1- Make sure your iPad is turned off .
2- Open iTunes on a Windows or an Mac. (In Windows 10 it name Apple Music)
3- Link your iPad to your PC using a suitable cable.
4- To enter the Recovery mode on your iPad, you must then force restart it.
5- Press and release the Volume button that is closest to the Power button on iPads without a Home button. Next, depress the Volume button that is the furthest away from the power button. Lastly, hold down the Power button.

(Press and hold both the Power and Home buttons simultaneously on iPads that include a home button)

6- Holding down these buttons will cause your iPad to display the Recovery mode interface.
7- You have to restart your iPad after turning it off if you see the password screen.
8- Use the Finder, iTunes, or Apple Devices app to find your iPhone.
9- Select Restore when a pop-up window appears on your computer requesting you to update or restore.

10- Verify your selection and adhere to the on-screen directions.
11- After that, your computer will start the recovery procedure and download the most recent iPad software update. Give the download enough time to complete, turn off your iPad, and start over if it takes more than fifteen minutes.
12- Your iPad will restart automatically and display a welcome screen when the operation is finished.
13- In the end, unplug your iPad from the computer and configure it.

2- Using iCloud :

iCloud can be used to unlock your iPad. Before you get too enthusiastic, keep in mind that this procedure requires that you have previously activated your iPad’s Find My feature.

1- Open via a web browser on a computer, tablet, or trusted mobile device.
2- Click the Sign In link and provide your Apple ID information.
3- Click “All Devices” now, then select your iPad from the drop-down menu.

4- Select the option labeled “Erase This Device.”

5- Click Next, then adhere to the on-screen prompts.

3- Using Reset option

1- Passcode-enter your locked iPad until the iPad Unavailable screen appears.
2- Just touch on “Forgot Passcode?” when it appears in the lower-right corner.

3- Select the “Start iPad Reset” option .

4- Enter your Apple ID password.

5- This will cause the screen to display the Erase iPad option.

6- Lastly , confirm .

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