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Windows 11 Passkeys: Setup, Login, and Management

Ditch the password! Sign in to websites and apps with your face, fingerprint, or PIN on Windows 11. Passkeys are like a new key for your accounts, replacing passwords with secure sign-ins.

Instead of passwords, you can use Windows 11 facial recognition, fingerprint scan, or PIN to sign in to websites and apps. This guide shows how to set up a passkey for your Google account on Windows 11 using a web browser. (Note: Specific details about navigating Google’s My Account settings are omitted)

How to Create and Save a Passkey to Your Windows 11 PC

To start, open Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Brave browser on your computer. Navigate to Google’s My Account website and log in. Once logged in, go to the ‘Security’ section from the left sidebar. In the right panel, scroll down to ‘How You Sign In to Google’ and opt for ‘Passkeys and Security Keys’.

You may be prompted by Google to input your account password. Proceed by entering it. Once the next page loads, click on ‘Create a Passkey’ located at the top

A “Windows Security” prompt will appear. Verify your identity using your PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint scan

You’ll receive a “Passkey Saved” confirmation message indicating that a passkey for your Google account has been created and saved on your PC. Simply click “OK” to close the window.

That’s all there is to it. You’ve effectively generated an alternative for your Google account password.

How to Use a Passkey to Sign In to a Site or App :

To utilize a passkey for logging into a website or application, access the login page of the respective item and select “passkey” instead of “password.” Here are the steps for doing so with a Google account:

Open and select “Sign In” located in the top-right corner.

Enter your Google account username and click “Next.”

On the password page, choose “Try Another Way” to explore alternative options.

Choose “Use Your Passkey” to employ the stored passkey for accessing your account.

Click “Continue,” and Google will prompt the “Windows Security” verification.

Within the “Windows Security” prompt, choose your preferred authentication method: PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint scanning.

After you’ve authenticated yourself, you’ll be signed in to your account.

How to View and Delete Passkeys on Windows 11 :

To view or delete saved passkeys, access the Settings app.

Launch Settings by pressing Windows+i. In the left sidebar, select “Accounts.” Then, on the right pane, click on “Passkey Settings.”

On the “Passkeys” page, you’ll see a roster of stored passkeys. To locate a particular passkey, utilize the search box at the top.

To eliminate a particular passkey, select the three dots adjacent to that item, then opt for “Delete Passkey.”

In the open prompt, confirm your action by selecting “Delete.”

Windows 11 has successfully deleted the selected passkey from its database. Consequently, you can no longer use your PC’s authentication method to log in to that specific site or app (though you can always recreate any necessary passkeys).

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