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How to Chat With Meta AI in India by WhatsApp

Meta has been working on creating a language model for artificial intelligence that is comparable to Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Gemini. In the United States, the company has been testing the incorporation of Meta AI into its products. Given that certain Indian users are now receiving Meta AI on WhatsApp, it looks like the service is expanding to more areas.

As shown in the screenshot below, to use Meta AI, click the shortcut that is located directly above the chat icon.

To access the AI-powered chatbot, users only need to touch on it. Users will be directed to the Meta AI conversation box by doing this. They can ask questions, conduct web searches, or ask for the feature to produce photos by entering prompts here.

The chatbot’s results are independent of the users’ past conversations. WhatsApp conversations are still end-to-end encrypted. They won’t be accessible to the AI, and the information offered is unrelated to that. Your conversations with Meta AI, however, can be utilized for internal testing and enhancements.

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