Android Apps That Everyone Must Install

To make your Android phone more helpful, we’ve personally chosen the best apps. These are the apps you should download on your device initially, ranging from productivity necessities to lifestyle necessities.

1- Bitwarden: For Simple Password Administration

For Android, Bitwarden is a free and open-source password manager. Once configured, it assists you in securely storing all of your passwords in a vault that is accessible from any device because it is a cross-platform application. The inconvenience of needing to remember a password for every account you have is eliminated.

Download: Bitwarden

2- YNAB: To Make a Personal Budget

By assisting you in allocating each dollar of your income to distinct categories, YNAB effectively gives your money a “job” to perform.

Download : YNAB

3- Snapseed: A Way to Elevate Your Images

One of the greatest Android photo-editing apps is Google’s Snapseed. With a ton of features to adjust the appearance to your preference, it’s a straightforward yet effective application for editing and improving your images.

Download: Snapseed 

4- Instacart: For Delivery of Groceries

In addition to scheduling delivery at your convenience, you may explore a large range of products, track your order in real-time, and talk with your shopper while they shop for your order.

Download: Instacart 

5- VLC: For Better Video Playback

Compared to most standard video players, VLC supports a far greater variety of video formats. You also receive other helpful features like the ability to add subtitles, support for dual audio, an equalizer, and more. The program even functions as a full-featured music player, allowing you to make playlists.

Download: VLC 

6- Microsoft To Do: To Boost Your Efficiency in Managing Tasks

Microsoft To Do is a great tool that offers amazing customizations and alerts to help you manage your daily obligations. You can use it to personalize your to-do list and receive notifications according to dates, times, or locations.

Download:Microsoft To Do

7- ChatGPT: For Immediate Responses

Download: ChatGPT 

8- Uber: For Ridesharing and Food Delivery


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