How to Link an iPhone to Windows 11

You may link an iPhone to a PC running Windows 11 so that you can get iPhone notifications, respond to text messages, and even make calls from the computer. It’s not as good as what you get when you link Windows to an Android phone, which lets you view images taken with the device and even use phone apps on your PC. However, it’s a little wonder that there is even this level of compatibility considering how tightly Apple maintains control over its closed ecosystem.

The Windows 11 Phone Link app is responsible for the PC/smartphone synergy. It’s easier than you would think to follow the steps we walk you through below.

Upgrade your iPhone

2- Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone.

3- Upgrade Windows 11

4- Update Phone Link App

5- Turn on Bluetooth on Windows.

6- Open Phone Link

Press Start, navigate to All Apps, and choose Phone Link from the drop-down menu. You are prompted to choose your device on the first screen. Press the iPhone button.

7- Use the QR code scanner.

In the Phone Link app, a QR code is displayed. Open the iPhone’s camera app and scan the code. To pair your iPhone and device, press the link located at the bottom of the camera screen. Click the link to proceed manually without a QR code and follow those instructions if, for any reason, you are unable to scan the code.

8- Use the Link to Windows app

To download and install the Link to Windows app, tap Link to Windows on the screen where you can couple your devices. To use the app, tap Open once it has been installed.

9- Scan QR code

Scan the code shown in the Phone Link app on your PC by selecting Scan QR code in the Link to Windows app. After that, select Continue to begin pairing your phone with your computer.

10 – Connect your PC and phone.

11- View the permissions that have been requested.

12- Sync your iPhone data

13- Launch the Phone Link

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