How to Turn on Device Discovery in Windows 11

We will walk you through the process of turning on Device Discovery in Windows 11 Developer Mode in this post. Devices that are not yet onboarded to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, such as workstations, mobile devices, and network devices (like switches and routers), can be found using the Device Discovery tool. Additionally, it enables pairing between your gadget and other devices by making it visible to them via USB connections and local networks. The functionality is meant to be used in development by developers. For Windows 11 users who wish to enable Device Discovery on their computers, this instruction is helpful.

You must turn on or enable Developer Mode in order to set up your device for development in Windows. This includes using Device Discovery, installing and running apps locally from outside the Microsoft Store, and adjusting other settings. Open the Settings program (Win+I) and choose the System category to accomplish this. Navigate to the “For developers” section from the appropriate area. To activate the Development Mode option, use the available toggle. The “Use developer features” confirmation box will appear. Hit the “Yes” button located in that box.

Use the Settings app to enable device discovery in Windows 11.

1- To access the Settings menu, perform a right-click on the Start button. This will launch Windows 11’s Settings application.
2- Use the left section to change to the System category.
3- On the right section, choose the “For developers” area.
4- Activate the feature for Device discovery.
5- To use the Device discovery feature, you must install the Windows Developer Mode Package, as indicated by the pop-up that will display. To confirm your activity, press the Yes button. Next, give it a few minutes for Windows Developer Mode to install.
6- After installation is finished, expand the area labeled Device discovery.
7- Press the Pair button.

An SSH PIN (alphanumeric code) prompt will appear on the screen when you try to pair the device with another network-discoverable device.

Whenever you need to disconnect your Windows 11 device, use the Unpair button.
When you’re done using this feature, go back to the previous steps and disable it using the Device discovery toggle.

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