ChatGPT : Cites the Sources for Its Answers

A persistent question is whether the information provided by generative chatbots such as ChatGPT is real or a product of artificial intelligence. Microsoft Copilot, which has traditionally provided source connections, excelled in this situation. It appears that OpenAI is now beginning to realize how important it is to cite sources.
On Friday, the business declared via an X post that ChatGPT will now provide links to the sources it uses for its answers. “This gives its responses more context and makes it easier for users to discover content from publishers and creators,” the post says.

The answers in the linked video offer pertinent connections to the sentence’s final source. By clicking the link, you may go straight to the original website and go through additional details about the subject. This will make it simpler for you to confirm the accuracy of the response given and, if necessary, find out more information about the subject.

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