Free Windows PDF Converters

Windows users require a simple method to convert Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other files to PDFs because PDFs are one of the most used formats for document protection and transmission. The finest free PDF converter alternatives for Windows users are those that we have thoroughly searched the Internet for.

1- SmallPDF

You can upload files straight from Dropbox or Google Drive, as well as from your smartphone, using SmallPDF, an online application for converting PDFs. To easily convert DOC, XLS, PPT, or JPG/PNG files to PDF, use SmallPDF. The program does a great job of preserving formatting, and the procedure is rather seamless.

2- FreeConvert

Another online PDF converter that you may use straight from your browser is called FreeCovert. Upgrading to a paid tier will be necessary if you require more space than the 1GB that you are able to upload without paying any money. With FreeCovert, you may convert nearly any file format to a PDF—up to 300 file kinds are supported.

3- Total PDF Converter

An software called Total PDF Converter can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. It has two features: one to convert a PDF to another file type, and another to convert to PDF. Convert text, pictures, RTF, PPT, Excel, DOCX, and other files to PDF format. The procedure is quite easy.

4- PDF Candy

In addition to being an online PDF Candy, PDF Candy offers a suite of tools that let you work with PDF files in different ways. This offers numerous choices for converting Word, Excel, JPG, MBP, Mobi, ePUB, HTML, XLM, TXT, and more formats to PDF. But, there is also a comprehensive PDF conversion tool available if you would prefer not to have to search for specific alternatives. It makes the claim that nearly any file may be converted to PDF format.

5- DoPDF

An other option for converting files to PDF is DoPDF. DoPDF is available as a Windows software, however using it costs money. On the other hand, the internet tools are totally free.

6- PDF2Go

Another simple web-based alternative for converting files to PDF is PDF2Go. It allows for free batch processing, saving you the time-consuming step of adding files one at a time.

7- AVS Document Converter

Installing a specialized application on your device, such as AVS Document Converter, will allow you to convert documents even in the absence of an Internet connection. With the software, you may convert practically any kind of file into a PDF. With a slight twist, it allows batch conversion. The files will appear in different tabs, and you’ll need to click the Convert Now button for each one.

8- Filestar

An elegant substitute for your PDF conversion is provided by Filestar. Furthermore, it has a lot of “skills” (also known as features), like ZIP, extract, compress, and more, and is AI-powered.

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