How to Remove Pages from a PDF Document

Tired of unnecessary pages cluttering your PDF? This guide shows you several quick ways to delete them and keep only the information you need .

Removing Pages from a PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your device, you can utilize it to efficiently delete pages from your PDF document. It’s important to note that this feature is exclusively accessible in the Pro version of Acrobat.

Desktop Computer: Choose your file and open it in Acrobat. Select the ‘Edit’ option from the top-left menu. Within the ‘Modify Page’ section, click on ‘Organize Pages’ to access a comprehensive view of all pages within your PDF document.

Click the trash can icon next to the unwanted page’s thumbnail, then confirm to permanently delete it.

Once you’ve deleted all the pages, don’t forget to save the new file you’ve created.

On Mobile Devices: You can delete PDF pages using the Adobe Acrobat mobile app as well. Open the PDF document, then tap the three dots located in the upper-right corner. Choose ‘Edit PDF’ from the menu.

Tap Organize pages at the bottom.

Choose the pages to remove, tap the trash can, and confirm deletion to save your slimmer PDF

2- Delete PDF Pages Using Preview on Mac :

On Mac, you have the option to utilize the Preview app for eliminating any undesired PDF pages.

Launch the PDF in Preview, then navigate to View -> Contact Sheet.

Select the pages you want to delete, and hit the Delete key.

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