How To Get More iCloud Storage

Messages, calendars, and notes can all be synchronized across your iPhone and iPad with Apple’s free 5GB of iCloud storage. But pictures can eat up that space very rapidly.

You can either upgrade to iCloud+ or clear your iCloud storage to acquire extra space. You have a storage option of 50GB, 200GB, 2TB, 6TB, or 12 TB. From the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, you may sign up for iCloud’s monthly storage options. As follows:

1- Open the Settings app, select iCloud by tapping [Your name].
2- Select Upgrade to iCloud+ after scrolling down.
3- Select a storage plan and select Upgrade to iCloud+ if this is your first time purchasing an iCloud+ plan.

4- Select Change Storage plan by tapping on Manage Account Storage if you currently have a monthly iCloud membership.
5- Now, confirm your Face ID by following the on-screen prompts or by entering your Apple ID password.

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