How to install the iOS 17.5 beta

You shouldn’t expect the stable version of iOS 17.5 to arrive for some time, so this update won’t download to your phone automatically over night. To participate, you must be a member of the iOS 17.5 beta program, which has a certain prerequisites. Here’s how to sign up and test the iOS 17.5 beta on your device.

1- Register for the Beta Software Program on Apple

    The first thing you must do is sign up for the iOS 17 public beta if you haven’t already. You can move on to the following stage if you are already a member.

    2- Select the Software Updates option on your iPhone.

      After completing the registration process, select Settings> Genera> Software update.

      3-Set Beta Updates to iOS 17 Public Beta

      A new Beta Updates menu will appear on the software update page. Press it, choose iOS 17 Public beta, and then press Back.

      4-Update to iOS 17.5 beta

      Your iPhone will now offer you the choice to switch to beta updates if you’ve told it to do so on the previous page. Select Update Tonight to schedule the iOS 17.5 beta installation for while you’re asleep, or Update Now to start the process immediately. Just make sure there is enough battery life and that your phone is secured.

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