Television Series and Films Like Rebel Moon

Finally, Rebel Moon Part 2 is available, and it turns out that Zack Snyder has improved upon many aspects of the original film, giving it a far more enjoyable viewing experience than Rebel Moon Part 1. Therefore, if you liked Rebel Moon, why not check out some additional films in the sci-fi genre that is slightly similar!

The top Rebel Moon-like films and television series :

1- Foundation

This show’s incredible visuals combined with a scenario that is eerily reminiscent of Star Wars will enthrall you if you’re a fan of the franchise and liked Rebel Moon. The television series Foundation is based on Isaac Asimov’s critically acclaimed book. Hari Seldon makes future predictions after learning about a brand-new field called psychohistory. He concludes that the present Galactic Empire will eventually fall in his prediction. Thus, he embarked on an expedition with a few of his dependable followers to lay the groundwork for reconstructing and preserving civilization after the fall of the Empire.

2- Zack Snyder’s Justice League

If you like Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is another film that shares some similarities with the film. Heroes uniting to battle a shared extraterrestrial menace in order to save their home planet.

3- The Osiris Child :

One of the best-kept sci-fi films you’ve probably never seen is The Osiris Child. In the far future shown in this film, humankind is colonizing other planets. An extraterrestrial species on one of the planets is threatening the entire world. Thus, the planet’s higher authorities decide to unleash a warhead. But there is a daughter who is still on the ground: Kane Sommerville, a lieutenant for the firm doing these colonizations. He makes his way out of the building and teams up with Sy Lombrok to search for and rescue his daughter.

4- Willow :

The events of the beloved 1988 film Willow are continued in the TV series Willow, which premieres 20 years later. Under the direction of the sorcerer Willow Ufgood, a party of six misfit heroes embark on a journey far from home in order to save the planet from the evil forces known as The Gales. This series is visually stunning and will wow you with the quality of the visual effects; the narrative is also gripping and has a cozy quality. All in all, this series is all you need if you miss the Disney quest movie period.

5- Vesper

In the dystopian future shown in Vesper, there has been a significant ecological breakdown on Earth. Regretfully, a virus that was intended to stop the collapse of Earth’s environment got out of their facilities and destroyed nearly all of the plant and animal life. This set back scientific efforts to create genetic technology. Nowadays, some affluent people struggle to survive by scavenging genetically modified crops, while others dwell in walled communities known as Citadels.

6- Oblivion

One of the most critically acclaimed films ever produced is definitely Oblivion. When it came out, this movie was well ahead of its time. In the year 2077, Oblivion centers on Jack Harper, a security repairman whose duty it is to ensure that drones monitoring a war-torn Earth are operating as intended. Following a conflict between humans and aliens, Earth is currently uninhabitable.

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