The Top 4K Content Streaming Services

Buying a 4K TV might not be as beneficial as it seems if you don’t know where to find 4K streaming media. In terms of pricing, playback choices, and title volume, these are the top UHD streaming services.

1. Netflix

It is realistic to expect Netflix originals to be 4K ready, albeit the quantity and range of 4K videos available to each member will vary depending on area. Try utilizing a 4K enabled gadget to search Netflix in 4K to see which are accessible where you are right now. Alternatively, check the title’s details page for the Ultra HD badge if a certain title piques your interest.

2- Max

With over 1,000 4K films in its catalog, Max offers a wide selection of programming, including the beloved Game of Thrones. Users merely need to utilize the search bar or go through a title’s information screen—where a 4K UHD badge will appear—to find a title in UHD on Max.

Max users’ access to 4K video is dependent on both their streaming device and membership tier. Max, on the other hand, will always use the best video available.

3- Hulu

A small selection of 4K Ultra HD titles are available for streaming on Hulu for subscribers. These shows are usually limited to Hulu Originals and are distinguished on the Hulu app by a 4K badge.
Unlike other streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu users can view 4K material without upgrading to a higher tier. Hulu provides a Live TV package in addition to partnering with a few other streaming services. Because of this, their package prices differ significantly; nevertheless, the simplest ad-supported plan allows users to view 4K video for as little as $7.99/month.

4- Apple TV+

With only about 120 items, Apple TV+’s 4K entertainment library is rather little. Despite having a smaller selection of content than other streaming services, Apple TV+ does provide the option to combine 4K content with spatial audio for a more immersive viewing experience.
There is just one membership option for Apple TV+, and it costs $9.99 per month. Because of this, UHD programming is available to all Apple TV+ subscribers. The Apple TV app allows users to play these games on Apple products, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and sticks.

5- Disney+

Disney+ provides 4K video for the whole family with over 100 titles. You may find these titles on the home screen by swiping to the Ultra HD section. As an alternative, subscribers can look up more 4K titles using the search box. Click the Details tab on the title’s information page to find out more about the format option if you’re interested in it.
Disney+ is the preferred UHD streaming service for many, so paying a fee to access it is not a problem. All Disney+ plans provide access to the UHD titles available on the service; the most affordable one costs $7.99 per month.

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