Top Websites for Testing Internet Speed

Use an Internet speed test to find out how quickly everything is operating if you’ve switched internet service providers or if you think your present one isn’t providing you with the speeds they promised. We advise utilizing one of the top Internet speed test websites to confirm your Internet speed.

1. Google
No, we don’t mean looking up speed tests on Google! You can access Google’s own speed test by searching for “Internet speed test.”

Click the blue “Run Speed Test” button, which appears as the first search result. Google will start a speed test with its default settings.

Checking your Internet speed is super simple and quick with The Google speed test requires even fewer steps. Your download speed in megabits (Mbps) will be displayed when you visit, which will automatically measure your Internet speed.

3. (M-Lab) the Measurement Lab
A non-profit Internet speed test called The Measurement Lab is endorsed by companies like Cloudflare, Mozilla, and Google. This user-friendly website measures both your upload and download speeds with a slightly lengthier test.

4. Ookla
One of the greatest places to test your Internet speed globally is Ookla’s SpeedTest, which comes highly recommended. It is among the most reputable and established companies in the industry.

5. TestMySpeed
Since TestMySpeed licenses Ookla’s measurement test for its own website, it is quite identical to Ookla’s Speedtest in terms of interface, settings, and outcomes.

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