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WhatsApp Add Chat Filters to Find Messages Faster 

New chat filters are being rolled out by WhatsApp to help you discover the messages you’re looking for faster and eliminate the need to navigate through your inbox.
The app’s primary discussion list now features the following three new filters at the top: Groups, Unread, and All. WhatsApp characterizes them as follows in a blog post:
All: Your messages’ overall default view.
Unread: Ideal for determining which discussions you still need to read or reply to. You can prioritize your responses by seeing mails that you have either tagged as unread or not opened yet.

Groups: A much-desired addition, you can now find your favorite group chats—whether it’s for organizing your upcoming trip or discussing your monthly family dinner—all in one location. Additionally, this will display Communities’ subgroups.
According to WhatsApp, the Chat Filters functionality is presently being tested and will be made universally accessible on iOS and Android in the upcoming weeks.


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