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Federal Home Internet Discounts for May 2024 Will Drop to $14

Since Congress has not approved additional financing for the ACP, home internet discounts will be discontinued for about 18.5 million homes, or 14% of all households in the United States. The majority of these consumers, who now pay $10 or $15 a month for internet access, think that when the ACP subsidies expire, their connection would be interrupted.
Thus, the FCC is making the most of its remaining ACP funding. For May 2024, the maximum ACP discount is $14, which is less than half of the regular price. The amount that ACP Connected Device reimbursements will pay out is now $47 per device, while those on tribal property will only receive $35 instead of $75.

The only ISP that promises to keep offering its $30 ACP internet service (even for new users) after ACP financing finishes is AT&T. Some ISPs might not be as kind.
Although Congress has not yet committed any money, the White House has asked for further funding for the ACP. According to the Washington Post, Congress may not consider approving a funding package for Baltimore’s collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge before there is a chance to renew the ACP.

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