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Spotify Is Considering Another Price Increase

You’ve probably seen the headline “Streaming Service Has Raised Prices” countless times by now. All streaming services have increased their rates, and some services raise their rates multiple times in a short period of time. Now that the business is apparently preparing for its second price increase of the past year, Spotify might get on the bandwagon.

A Bloomberg article states that through 2024, Spotify Premium would see price increases in a number of locations. By the end of April, this price increase will affect Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Later this year, the United States will also see a price increase.

It appears that the price rise is intended to cover expenditures associated with Spotify’s new audiobook library. In the impacted markets, Spotify’s Premium subscription—which offers audiobooks, podcasts, and music—will cost an additional $2. It is said that those who do not require audiobooks will be able to switch to a future music and podcasts subscription for $11, the same amount that is currently required for a Premium membership.


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