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Google Gemini Will Soon Support Apps for Streaming Music

Google last released Gemini for Android smartphones quite some time ago. Its outstanding generative AI and connectivity with Google’s app suite belie its lack of integration with music-streaming apps. The good news is that users of Gemini will soon be able to choose their preferred music streaming app.

The feature that allows you to “Choose your default media provider” was discovered by well-known leaker Assemble Debug via Piunika Web. The Music option in Gemini settings lets you “Select preferred services used to play music.”

Though at the moment it might seem empty, Google may soon add a list of well-known music streaming apps to the “Select your default media provider” box. By doing this, users will be able to choose a streaming app to use by default. This will enable Gemini to begin responding to instructions pertaining to streaming music, such as “Play my favorite songs.”

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