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Adobe Acrobat’s AI Assistant Can Read All Files Types

The AI Assistant from Adobe, which seeks to improve productivity through conversational interactions with documents and provides features like generative summaries, intelligent citations, simple navigation, and content consolidation, has recently become generally available. Although it was previously announced, anyone can now test it out. Reader and Acrobat have a deep integration of this capability.

According to Adobe, you can use AI Assistant for more than just PDF files; you can also use it for Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts, and other document kinds. It will be very helpful for jobs such as generating study aids, highlighting important findings in research reports, summarizing meeting transcripts, and extracting data from contracts and agreements.

Even though Adobe Acrobat is still one of the greatest tools for editing and managing PDFs, PDF has been an open standard for nearly twenty years. These days, everything needs AI capabilities, thus Acrobat is receiving an AI assistant to guide you through the document editing and navigation process.

The AI Assistant for Acrobat is currently accessible on the desktop and web versions of the program; mobile and web extensions will be added later. When the mobile version launches, voice commands will be available for hands-free interactions, enabling you to use your voice to ask questions and summarize documents. Additionally, you can use AI Assistant straight from your browser with plugins for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

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