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Orders for Xiaomi SU7 EVs have exceeded 100,000.

In the EV industry, Xiaomi, the electronics giant renowned for its extensive ecosystem of products, is off to an incredible start. Order books sprang up like pyrotechnics when the company unveiled the SU7 sedan, its first-ever electric vehicle. The business claims to have had over 100,000 registrations from interested parties, with 40,000 of those requiring an upfront payment. Such an early response points to the possibility of an EV blockbuster.

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, was present at the company’s Beijing production facility for the first batch of SU7 deliveries. Jun stated that “The real transformation of smart cars has officially begun, and China will surely see the birth of a company as great as Tesla.”

Three variants of the SU7 are available: the normal model (which starts at about €27,810), the Pro model, which lasts longer, and the performance-oriented Max version. Even at €38,700 for the top trim, the Max is still significantly less expensive than similar EVs from well-known competitors. Even better, Xiaomi offered a delicious grand opening bargain to early adopters, including a limited run of 5,000 Founders Edition cars. The Founders Edition is now being delivered, and other models will begin to be driven in late April or early May.


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