PlayStation 5 Pro Specs, Price and Launch Date

More developers seem to have access to PS5 Pro development kits, and they have been instructed to submit PS5 Pro-enhanced titles for certification in August. These advancements suggest a 2024 release.

Specs :

According to the most recent leaks from Moor’s Law is Dead, which IGN and Insider Gaming verified, the PS5 Pro has 67 teraflops of processing power, as opposed to the standard unit’s 10.28 teraflops. We might be going from 448 GB to 576 GB of memory in addition to a 10% faster CPU.
According to Tom Henderson, the PS5 Pro’s increased power will be mostly used to improve rendering performance and ray tracing. There could be a significant 45% increase in rendering performance, and the system might even be able to handle 8K visuals.

It is also strongly suggested that a PS5 Pro would default to provide the greatest images at the maximum framerates, rather than requiring users to select between any graphics or performance modes.
It is a commonly acknowledged truth that, should this console be true, it will be able to run any PS5 games now in circulation and won’t have any exclusive titles. This is something that leakers haven’t mentioned. We might also witness improved PSVR2 performance.

Price :

Although the price of the PS5 Pro has not been leaked, it is reasonable to believe that it will be more expensive than the existing variants. Imagine a price increase of at least $100 to $600 or higher.

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