Walkthrough for Dragon’s Dogma 2 Masquerade Quest: The Stolen Throne

Secrets abound in Dragon’s Dogma 2, both within tasks and in the game’s open world. A few of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s quests are quite challenging to comprehend and call for some trial and error to finish. The Stolen Throne quest is one such quest that leads the Arisen to the masquerade ball hosted by the impostor Arisen. Ironically, the player must discover the other details on their own as the quest only offers that much information. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to finish the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Masquerade, The Stolen Throne quest if you are having trouble with it as well.

1. Find the Correct Attire for the Masquerade

Players should be given an Eventide Mask at the beginning of the mission. Put these items on if you already have them in order to enter the Masquerade. Here’s how to locate them if you don’t, though.
Entering the Allard’s Estate in the Noble Quarters is the most straightforward approach to locate the clothing. Step into the Estate, proceed up the stairs, and inspect each room. Both the Courtly Breeches and the Courtly Tunic ought to be in your possession. After locating the clothing, put them on and kill time until morning.

2. Enter the Masquerade at Night

It’s time to enter the masquerade now that you have the appropriate attire. The task sign should direct you to the location of the masquerade once you enter the Noble Quarters.
Just pass the time and come in the next night if the guard at the door informs you that the Masquerade is not being hosted.
A cutscene will play after the phony Arisen enters the Masquerade and heads right down one of the side routes. After the cutscene ends, go the same route and turn left. There will be a concealed entrance on the right wall at about the halfway mark. To enter, just press on the right wall to release the door.

3. Meet Wilhelmina Through the Secret Passage

Simply proceed through the next door and along the walkway to the brothel next door after opening the hidden entrance. Wilhelmina will halt you here, and then a cutscene will start. Wilhelmina will dismiss the guard and use a peephole to show you the false Arisen. The mission will come to a close after the cutscene, and you can return to Brandt to claim your reward.

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