How to Get Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Magick Archer Vocation

There are a few things we need to perform before moving on to obtain the Magick Archer vocation. To begin with, we advise you to advance to at least level 30, as the route ahead is hazardous. Additionally, bring three herbs with you before you encounter Maister Cliodhna, the Magick Archer, since you’ll need them later. Since the Greenwarish are easily obtainable, we suggest them.
To go to Battahl, you will also need to cross the border.

After the Battahl region has been opened, move southward to the Backbattahl region and execute the following actions:

1- Once Bakbattahl is unlocked, head to the southeast region of the map to find the Volcanic Islands. Once there, go across the street in the direction of Maister’s Magick Archer’s home.
2- When the Maister’s dwarf husband Gautstafr arrives, he will need three herbs from you. Give him the herbs so that he can enter.
3- Now you have to accompany the husband to a local hot spring and finish the assignment “Put a Spring in Thy Step.” Expect to encounter some adversaries during your journey.
4- Upon completing the task, Cliodhna will show up and bestow upon you the Paradox Spellbow and the Magick Archer class.

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